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Last starfighter in training

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I’m a bit of an astronomer, a major star gazer and a grown up who loves sci-fi. Therefore, one of the most intriguing sights on my daily commute is the Galaxy Motel with its deep blue sign covered in shiny white stars. Along this highway dotted with express accommodations of a serial non-variety, it is a wisp of whimsy in the concrete jungle.

The old reporter in me would stop and get the story. I always believed there was one on every corner and at least one in every person.  Why Galaxy Motel? Who are these owners who have stepped out of Earthly norms? Who are the folks who choose the unknown over the known? And is the last starfighter training there?

You remember the old movie, the Last Starfighter. Two poor kids who live in a trailer park called Starlight Starbright have a big love and unique talents that allow them to save the world and escape their circumstances.

 So far I haven’t stopped to find out the real story of this cool motel. I still let Vinnie fly me and my imagination into the galaxy where we are the last chance for humanity to be saved from invasion – at least until we get to the med center.


Written by commuterchroniclesdbh

March 23, 2012 at 5:11 pm

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