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Momentous mileage

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About to turnover to 160,000

Today is going to be a momentous day for Vinnie and me. By the time we return home and are snug in our bed and garage, we will cross over to 160,000 miles together. This will make Vinnie my most cherished and longest lived vehicle in my long driving life.

Hi-yo, Silver

I crossed over 100,000 with my mom-mobile mini-van before I bought Vinnie and had a long but less mileage-accomplished relationship with a really cool silver Dodge ES turbo convertible. It was 1984 and I’d just taken a job at the Dallas Times Herald that involved my first big commute. Meanwhile, Lee Iacocca was cooking up a comeback of the convertible – always a family favorite since the days my oldest brother and flashiest uncle drove convertibles. I raised two kids with baby seats in that little three-quarters backseat – driving it all over Texas and Michigan – before we all moved on to junior high and mini-vans.

Otherwise, I have had brief but meaningful relationships with my vehicles, starting with an ill-fated green Ford Pinto.  My first car I purchased my senior year of high school with earnings from my newspaper job at the Mid-County Chronicle Review. I had been driving my mom’s equally ill-fated Ford Cortina since getting my driver’s license at 16. After the Cortina lost all electrical power one night, I was forced to drive home while some friends shined their headlights on me. Needless to say, neither my mom nor I were happy with the fight that ensued upon my arrival home. I just remember my final, harsh words were, “I will never drive your car again.”

Thus, I found myself on my new 10-speed the next day, biking to the nearest used car dealership. I believe the car salesman saw “sucker” printed across my forehead and sold me the Pinto.


Written by commuterchroniclesdbh

April 5, 2012 at 6:00 pm

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