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Debris at Aldine Mail Road

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A truckload of Madonnas may not be so holy for the car behind.

That’s the last kind of sign I like to see on my commute. My imagination runs wild at such a warning. I’ve seen all manner of debris in my various commuting lifetimes and that warning hardly covers it. I’ve had boats pull up beside me with no visible means of road transportation. Heck, I’ve been in the car pulling a boat when my own boat pulled up beside me. I’ve seen a ladder fall off a fire truck and drape across most lanes on a Houston freeway. I’ve had a flying sheet of something come at me, looking like it would shear off the top of my car – not to mention my head. It wrapped completely across my windshield for a few seconds, eventually flying off and luckily made of softer material than it appeared.  I’ve had rocks and concrete break my windshield repeatedly. That is, of course, until I got windshield insurance and that stopped happening entirely.

I am a careful and observant commuter. I will not allow myself to be trapped behind any vehicle carrying any type of furniture, repair supplies or questionable material. In my mind, there’s always a chance I will be dodging what you just bumped out of your car. Perhaps the most unusual cargo I’ve seen on the highways is a pickup truck full of bathtub Madonnas (see photo). But really, can I say that? I’m sure there have been plenty more odd products, projects and projectiles on the streets every day.

One of my first experiences with flying debris was literally that — a flying tire, from out of no where. It came down on the highway in front of me in the big city of Port Arthur, bounced hard and high and came down again only this time landing with all its force on the front end of my Mazda. (A tragic car of the times; bought specifically to pull that boat that would soon pull up beside me.) Splat, whoosh. The radiator was flattened and my day was done.

 Debris at Aldine Mail Road? I didn’t see it. I slowed down for it along with the other 100 or so cars in my visible commute this morning. But we survived to commute another day.


Written by commuterchroniclesdbh

April 12, 2012 at 5:41 pm

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