Driving and Biking in the Big City

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More than 1,000 views of Commuter Chronicles. Quite a landmark day for me. I never knew this would be so easy and fun. I actually started this series of columns for my friends when I started commuting to Houston about 15 years ago and after the economy got tight for my corporate journalism business. So I have been doing it before blogging was even a word much less a trend.

I had been freelancing and driving to Houston only a couple of times a week or in the evenings when I taught news writing at University of Houston.  Then, college started looming for my kids and my best seller boat had not come in. Besides, my tennis career seemed to be coming to an end with my Baby Boomer knees.

I like to think I was never a sellout from the Fourth Estate to the better paid world of hack journalism — first of all because I always have writing jobs of high interest and worthy public good and secondly because I have never been paid well enough to establish myself as a true hack.

Instead, I have changed with the times and left the world of journalism to a new generation of less objective and more visually pleasing folks. In my heyday of covering presidents and presidential campaigns, I hung out with famous television folks  Connie Chung and Leslie Stahl. It is ironic to look back on those days and tell those stories. Friends are surprised and want to know my opinion of such famous journalists.  Guess I can say it now. They were great and certainly beautiful. But truly, back in the day, I considered them lucky to be hanging out with me and not vice versa. I was the newspaper journalist of the Walter Cronkite variety. I knew the local traps to run and folks in the know. I was well read and objective. They needed my help. And, when I was too busy with some real reporting, I had to ditch coffee with Connie.  She needed to head over to makeup anyway.

Blogging is so much better than daily newspaper writing, though. No snarky editors to question your subject matter; no true deadlines except your own urge to write. I say. “cool beans” and recommend blogging for everyone.

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