Driving and Biking in the Big City

Biking at high noon in Texas

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There comes a time in every woman’s life when tube tops are never appropriate . . . or even helpful.  However, as a biker in the Texas heat, I can’t quite give them up. I depend on going fast so that I don’t make a spectacle of myself. And, if I stop at the library or somewhere along the way, I have a t-shirt in my bag to toss on over my sweatiness.

When I ride these days, I sweat. And anything I can do to stay a bit cooler is in my bag of tricks. Any loose hair on my neck gets me crazy; my feet get heavy and hot in my shoes and socks. I double up on my water but am careful to head home when I’ve gone through half. Typically, I have plenty of ice in my water because, even if I don’t mind my water warm, I can’t swallow it when it’s boiling. And, on the way home, my water can get pretty hot. 

The good news about a bike ride in the Texas summers is the peace you can find. There is no easier way to be alone than at high noon on a bike trail anywhere near Houston, Texas.  The creatures are fewer at high noon but the sounds are louder. Birds chirp from the deep, cool shadows of the dark forest. Bugs squeak, and the rabbits rustle loudly through the dry, crisp grass.

The butterflies don’t seem to mind the heat and flutter in and out of the sunlight. The redbirds like to fight and play in the dry dirt.  And the squirrels lay across the greenbelt with their bellies on the concrete.

Kingwood has wonderful and cool greenbelts with shade that covers many of my paths.  I dart in and out of the shades and never mind much what time of day I’m biking.

All my paths are planned based on never getting on a real road.  I go out of my way to take underpasses and bridges that keep me out of the traffic. This is not best for bikers who want to get up speed. However, I prefer safety to speed; I prefer nature to exercise.

Big Johnny has provided the slideshow above so that you can get a feel of being along on a ride with me and Streak at high noon.


Written by commuterchroniclesdbh

June 14, 2012 at 12:17 pm

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