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Among my newfound friends and followers of Commuter Chronicles are what appear to me to be some extreme sports enthusiasts. Maybe this is because I write about biking on my cool Trek bike Streak. Or maybe it’s because I drive around in my hot red Nissan Xterra, named for Vin Diesel. I didn’t even think it, but clearly I appear to be a bit extreme.

I even had someone say to me the other day that I’d always been a jock. Whoa! Wait a minute. I think I like that. And yes, now that I’m considering it, I’d like say it’s true. I have loved and played all sports all of my life. However, on this side of the old lady mark, my knees have given out and so have my tennis and racquetball games.  I still try to swim or bike every day. But extreme?

The last time I caught some “mad air” was when the neighborhood hooligans strung packing tape across my bike path and I hit it at 12 m.p.h., knocking me for a loop and eventually landing me on my extreme behind.

And, just as I am thinking of my readers who might even understand the term “mad air” and the potential skateboarders and other young Turks out there reading my thoughts, I happen to have what I consider an extreme sports workout. As a matter of fact, I had to call Big Johnny to tell him that I’d pushed my body to my limit at the heat of the day. He needed to be on standby in case Streak and I needed saving. Unintentional or not, I got in a good one today.

My workout went like this. I biked the first five miles to Lake Houston at about 10 a.m., so while it was starting to get hot but still pleasant. I sat on the bench, cooling down and drinking my water. I’d only brought one water bottle because I was thinking this would be a quick ride. It so happens that the drought has caused a lot of trees to be damaged and removed in Kingwood, so my bench was not as shaded as usual. Thus, I rested but it was in the heat. And pretty quickly, I finished all of my water. At the time, I was thinking I had the energy to make a quick dash home and get plenty of water after I arrived.

Now, here comes the extreme-ness of my sporting these days. I happened to make a new, chatty friend just as I turned around to head home. She was wonderful and entertaining with two well behaved and pleasant hounds who loved me immediately. It started with the story of her 16-year-old third hound who had been left back home because he couldn’t make the walk in the heat and ended with the entire story of her 71 years of life.

Long story short . . . her story was not at all short. I walked with her some, petted her delightful hounds and compared philosophies of life. It was a heavy and heated conversation – mostly because we were both getting hotter and hotter as the sun climbed in the sky.

When I finally headed home, my knees were stiff, my water was gone and the temperature had reached 100 degrees. I called John once; he called me three times more. My 30-minute ride home turned into an hour-long chat and another 45 or so minutes of really slow riding.  The heat was killing me. I thought I would croak until I finally found fresh water at Greentree Pool and was saved. The water was even cold and sweet tasting; the water fountain not too icky from kid use. I doused my entire body under the cooling spray.

Then, Big Johnny was waiting with ice packs and cold water. I was totally rejuvenated and ready to play another day.

So, while my sports aren’t necessary extreme, my relationships are. And, the result is the same — over-the-top workouts.


Written by commuterchroniclesdbh

August 5, 2012 at 10:59 am

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