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Lady Liberty slims down for new Bond movie

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And now

I loved the new James Bond film, “Spectre.” It couldn’t have been more suspenseful, action-packed, exciting and sexy. I was in absolute heaven for two and a half hours – unfortunately, having to visit the Ladies twice during a movie with no slow scenes. Thus, you might expect this “Commuter Chronicles” to be a timely assessment of this just-released movie. But, no, I will leave the “Spectre” reviews to the other million or so folks who will write about it. Instead, you’re going to get my off-center observation about what struck me the strongest.

It’s the opening credits. Lady Liberty was awfully thin. She was the slimmest Statue of Liberty I’ve ever seen in opening credits. And, as you know, the Green Lady of New York City should have remained pretty much her same size in the 120 years or so she’s been greeting the tired, huddled, tempest-tossed masses as they arrive in New York Harbor. Maybe she’s lost a little off the hips due to erosion but this weight-loss is dramatic. Paleo or Weight Watchers, I don’t think so. Remember Oprah when she wheeled in the 67 pounds of fat she lost on her first high protein diet?

First of all, let me say that I absolutely love beautiful people and beautiful bodies. Even as a girl, I always liked the cute boys and I liked having cute girlfriends. I was never that friend who had uglier friends to make me look good. But, I’m not much of a dieter and never have been. I don’t love the totally skinny society we’ve created but I do love long, lean lines and clothes that hang perfectly. For me, I separate people into athletic types and non-athletic types. Someone who is too thin is just frail to me. If she can still help me move a couch or push my stalled car off the road, then I’m OK with her being skinny.

I just don’t know about taking such liberties with Lady Liberty. I came home and attempted to look up Columbia Studio logos so I could prove it to myself and found a comparison that I’m including here. Thank heavens for the internet. Otherwise, we’d all think that Liberty was just trim in the first place and we’d lost our minds.

I will close now by admitting what a feminist hypocrite I am. My favorite part of the Bond movie is Daniel Craig. He’s so sculpted and beautiful that I occasionally forgot what was going on in the plot.  Maybe more than “occasionally;” let’s say “often.” He’s so sexy, smooth, confident and strong in this role  that I would have to comment out loud, disturbing the quiet audience who was shushing me and telling me to lower my voice (and that was my family members.) And this also happened more than “occasionally.” Let’s now say, “too often.”


His balance makes me swoon.

Mostly, though, I admired his incredible balance. When, in the opening sequence, he steps from high ledge to high ledge, strides from building to building (in what would be a long jump to mere mortals), I wanted to swoon. He never missed a step, never looked for a handhold, was so confident in his stride that it helped him get from here to there.

Then, getting off a boat, someone offers him a hand and says “watch your step.” I don’t even think he noticed. Also, I bet few movie-goes watched him walk up the middle of this very long, very wide staircase. “Oh, my God!” I shouted, and the audience wondered why this was such a marvel compared to the helicopter fight or the building caving in. Me, I’d be hanging on to the rail on either side of the stairs – nowhere near the middle.

As a Baby Boomer who is fighting old age at every corner, I’m coming off of knee replacement surgery and have been relearning my balance. Bond’s easy loping, fast running and confidence in his body were inspiring. Wow. I don’t care about thin but maybe I can attain that kind of balance again.



Written by commuterchroniclesdbh

November 7, 2015 at 10:12 am

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  1. Good points though out the article. Janet

    Janet Wallace

    November 7, 2015 at 1:40 pm

  2. […] Source: Lady Liberty slims down for new Bond movie […]

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