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Original Blue Streak being called back into service

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Original Blue Streak, bought in Troy, Michigan, in about 1995

Original Blue Streak from 1995

The Original Blue Streak has been brought down from the garage attic to be used in our stationary bike stand for the next round of knee surgery. Original Blue was purchased at the J.C. Penney in Oakdale Mall in Troy, Michigan. It was in Troy that I experienced my first terrifying Black Friday. A country girl who thought she’d been citified by Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth, I learned about a true madhouse in the holiday traffic of Detroit.  I almost lost my two toddlers and was traumatized forever about shopping on Black Friday.

I’m surprised at how well Blue has held up for the last 20 years – likely having been purchased in 1995. It needs oiled up and a good washing. But even the air in the tires has held some. My home-grown bike expert, husband and physical therapy coach says it’s in great shape. He may take it to Bike Barn, just to give those guys a thrill and a challenge.

When I gave Blue an eyeball, it also surprised me at my own predictability. This bike looks a lot like my current blue mountain bike and, wait, wait, it may be a match for my very first bike ever, also blue. That was the days when you got one bike for your entire biking career. I used the very Original Blue Streak through all my school days until I bought and put together a 10-speed my senior year of high school. Silver Streak.

So, this makes this old bike, now brought out of retirement for use in the next round of PT, Blue Streak II. We must consider my first blue bike No. 1. Of course, I never named any of these bikes Streak until I acquired my white street bike, which is the original Streak. White Streak is truly fast and light-weight and lives up to the name. The others are just conveniently named and happen to be my favorite color from childhood.

Oakdale Mall where this beauty was purchased is at 14 Mile in Michigan. When I explain to Texans about our five years in Michigan, I like to tell them that we lived halfway between Eminem and Madonna. Eminem was at Eight Mile, of course, hence the name of the movie that portrayed his life in Detroit.  Madonna was a suburban girl at 26 Mile. Troy was halfway between their stomping grounds. It puts life into perspective.

It’s a great idea to name your streets for the distance from the center of the big city nearby. Kingwood would be 32 Mile, if we went by Michigan naming conventions, and consider Houston our Detroit. Unfortunately, The Woodlands would be named the same – also being 32 miles from Houston. What friends sometimes don’t understand, if they’ve moved straight to Houston from, say, Florida, is that Kingwood and The Woodlands are not at all near each other. I draw them the triangle, pointing out that Kingwood is about as far from The Woodlands as it is from Houston.

In any case, I’m heading for the knee surgery countdown and biking most mornings and evenings. Until we got down Blue Streak II, we’d been using Blue Streak III on the stationary stand. I pull it on and off when I hit the roads or ride the gully with Tucker. My knee can tell when I go a couple of days with no riding. And, one day recently, my new knee felt a bit painful from a full day of sitting at my computer without any walking time.

I’m ready and willing. Just have to keep the discipline going.


Written by commuterchroniclesdbh

December 6, 2015 at 2:35 pm

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  1. Denise great article. Just want you to know I won’t be able to make it to the meeting tonight. Thanks friend.

    Janet Wallace

    December 7, 2015 at 12:37 pm

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