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Elevator Karma

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Today’s elevator conversation started when I thanked a nicely dressed younger woman with long brown hair for holding the elevator for me. I often talk to strangers in the Texas Medical Center. It gives me pleasure to hear the work of the medical professionals as well as the patients and their families. Everyone is looking for directions, and I happen to know how to help. It’s taken a decade but, most often, I can get you there — even if you’re in an entirely wrong building and with just an address in your hand.

Elevators are most often other staff folks, like me, docs, nurses, etc. Frankly, I thought this woman was “one of us.” She seemed comfortable, rested and relaxed. She also seemed to know my parking garage and certainly knew my elevator.

She said she’s usually at the elevator at night so she doesn’t see much of a crowd. Then, she said she got out today to get a chocolate milk shake.

“I’m being a good daughter,” she said, and I noted the plastic bag she held that was filled with ice. It had something heavier in the middle but clearly had some cubes from drive-through.

“Smart plan,” I said and, now that I knew she was family of a patient somewhere, I attempted my usual banal two-cents worth of a comment to make a human connection. I give my brief flash of humanity and take away a little myself.

Her response was that she was there for her dad. He was waiting for a heart and liver transplant.

“He really only wants chocolate milk shakes these days; the least I can do, ” she said.

Indeed. That makes two of us. Glad I was awake for that walk to the elevator and not just head down, pushing buttons.


Written by commuterchroniclesdbh

June 21, 2017 at 4:54 pm